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Stories With a Teaching

The Tree

Once upon a time, in a nameless realm that transcended both space and time, a captivating garden bloomed. Its enchanting tapestry boasted apple trees, orange groves, pear orchards, and resplendent rose gardens, each exuding contentment and delight.

Amidst this symphony of joy, there stood a tree, burdened by a profound sadness. Its predicament lay in the fact that it knew not its own identity.

The apple tree, in its condescending tone, urged it to concentrate, promising that with sufficient effort, it could bear succulent fruits. "See how effortless it can be?" it taunted.

But the rose bush demanded its attention, proclaiming the simplicity of producing beautiful roses. "Behold their exquisite allure," it tempted. The tormented tree, desperate to belong, heeded their counsel, attempting all that was advised. Yet, its endeavors to conform only intensified its frustration.

One fateful day, the wise owl, heralded as the sagest of all creatures, descended upon the garden. Witnessing the tree's anguish, the owl consoled, "Worry not, for your plight is not an isolated one. Countless beings on this Earth grapple with the same quandary. Fear not, for I shall reveal the remedy."

"Cease dedicating your existence to conforming to the desires of others," the owl proclaimed, its voice imbued with ancient wisdom. "Instead, become what God intended you to be. To accomplish this, you must listen intently." With those enigmatic words, the owl vanished, leaving the tree in contemplation.

"What does God desire of me?" the tree questioned, its desperation mingling with newfound curiosity. And in a sudden epiphany, understanding bloomed within its core. Closing off its senses, the tree unshackled its heart and finally listened.

"You shall never bear apples, as you are not an apple tree, nor shall you grace the world with spring blossoms, for you are not a rose bush," whispered the divine voice. "You are an oak tree, destined to grow tall and majestic, offering sanctuary to avian wanderers, shelter to weary travelers, and casting beauty upon the landscape. Embrace your purpose; fulfill your calling."

Empowered by this revelation, the tree brimmed with strength and determination. It embraced its unique identity, spreading its roots and extending its branches.

Thus, the garden found true bliss, its harmony complete only when each living entity embraced its authentic self and fulfilled its inherent purpose.


-unknown source

The Butterfly

A man discovered a cocoon and brought it home,
eager to witness the emergence of a butterfly from within.

One day, a small creature appeared. The man sat and watched for hours
as the butterfly struggled, forcing its body through the tiny opening of the cocoon.

No progress seemed to be made. It appeared as if the butterfly couldn't break free. It was stuck.

Moved by kindness, the man decided to assist the butterfly.
He took a pair of scissors and cut what was necessary for the small body of the butterfly to emerge.
And so it happened, the butterfly came out effortlessly.

However, its body was small and distorted, and its wings were wrinkled. The man continued to observe, waiting for the butterfly to stretch its wings at any moment. But nothing happened. In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling with its twisted body, unable to fly.

What the man failed to comprehend, despite his heartfelt intentions and urgency,
was that the struggle of the tiny cocoon and the arduous effort needed to break through the minuscule opening were essential for God to infuse fluids into the wings. This process would strengthen them, preparing the butterfly for flight and ultimate freedom. Only through the struggle could freedom and flight be attained.

By depriving the butterfly of its struggle, the man deprived it of its health and freedom.

Sometimes, battles and hardships are precisely what we need in our lives.
If God allowed us to go through life without obstacles, it could cripple us forever.
We wouldn't be as strong as we have become thus far.


-unknown source

The Jaguar

Once upon a time, in a mystical jungle untouched by time, a young seeker named Santiago yearned for spiritual awakening. He traveled far and wide in search of a wise teacher who could reveal the secrets of the soul.
One day, Santiago's journey led him to an ancient temple hidden amidst towering trees and whispering leaves. Inside, he encountered an enigmatic shaman who possessed profound knowledge of the spiritual realm. Eager to learn, Santiago pleaded, "Teach me, wise one, how can I awaken my spirit and discover my true path?"
The shaman, recognizing Santiago's earnestness, beckoned him deeper into the temple. They entered a sacred chamber adorned with intricate carvings depicting the magnificent jaguar, a symbol of raw power and spiritual prowess.
The shaman spoke in hushed tones, "The jaguar embodies the essence of the divine within us. It is the guardian of the unseen realm, guiding us on our spiritual journey. To awaken your spirit, young seeker, you must embrace the essence of the jaguar."
Curiosity sparked in Santiago's eyes as he listened intently to the shaman's teachings. The shaman continued, "Like the jaguar, you must tap into your inner strength and navigate the mysteries that lie before you. Trust your instincts, for they are your connection to the spiritual realm."
Intrigued by the challenge, Santiago spent days and nights immersed in contemplation and self-reflection. One evening, as the moon bathed the temple in a gentle glow, Santiago ventured deep into the jungle, determined to embody the jaguar's spirit.
In the heart of the wilderness, he encountered a fierce predator, its golden eyes piercing through the darkness. Fear gripped Santiago, but he remembered the shaman's words and found solace in the jaguar's unwavering confidence.
As the jaguar gracefully prowled, Santiago observed its movements with awe. It navigated the terrain with precision and grace, embodying fearlessness and trust in its divine instincts.
In that sacred moment, Santiago understood the true teaching of the jaguar. To awaken his spirit, he needed to trust in the guidance of the unseen, face his fears, and embrace his innate power. He realized that the spiritual journey was not merely about external knowledge but about a deep connection with his inner self and the divine.
With newfound courage and determination, Santiago returned to the temple, forever changed. He dedicated himself to spiritual exploration, honoring the jaguar's teachings by delving into the depths of his soul.
Word of Santiago's transformation spread throughout the land, inspiring others to embark on their own spiritual quests. The tale of the jaguar and the young seeker became a legend, reminding all who heard it that within each of us resides a dormant power waiting to be awakened.
May we, like Santiago, have the courage to embrace the essence of the jaguar, trust our inner wisdom, and embark on a transformative journey of spiritual awakening.
-unknown source